Article: Use Open Source Elastic Stack to Aid in Your GSA Replacement Planning

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Insight Engine Instead of Search Engine - Thinking Beyond OEM Replacement

It may not have been your choice to replace your GSA, but what you replace it with is. Use this time to upgrade your technology to an Insight Engine.

Machine Learning

Go beyond simple keyword matching to a system that learns what is relevant based on past users behavior and then adjusts itself based on that.

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Content is King. Connectors get you content.

Use your existing Google Search Appliance connectors with MC+A’s GSA Bridge until you can fully migrate over.

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Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Allow your users to use their language and have the system understand their intent to direct them to faster outcomes.

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Personalized Results

Providing users the personalized experiences is easier than ever. Customize responses based on information you’ve detected about them and similar users.

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Connecting content to technology

You Can Keep Existing Connectors in Place

Not all connectors are equal, but if you like your current connectors. You can keep ‘em. Giving you more time to focus on other aspects of the migration.

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Understand Your Timeline

You are not alone, really. There are 1000s of other customers trying to do the exact same thing as you and your GSA will turn off regardless. It’s safe to say that the implementation of the technology will take longer than the procurement of the technology. The four basic steps to replacement are:

Review current performance

Where you go often is determined by where you have been. Look at the analytics, figure out how the business owner and users are and get them involved.

Short List Vendors

There’a about a dozen companies listed in the Forrester and Gartner reports. Realistically based on your use cases there are 2-4 that you should look at. Given infosec and other processes to complete, don’t waste your time with bland RFPs to every known vendor.


Typical implementations take about 3 months from start to finish. More or less depending on the complexity of the implementation and the customizations.

Monitor and Manage

Migrating is just the first step. To fully realize the investment you make. You need to outline a program that review the performance and looks to expand its use throughout the enterprise.

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